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League of Translators

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A FISH?? SRSLY? It's not just any fish. It's a BABEL FISH!

The League of Translators (pLoT) is a community of multilingual volunteers working together to make accessible to people across geographic and linguistic boundaries. Members of the league collaborate on translating the website into their native languages.

Meet the League

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About pLoT

Why do we translate

Music is the single universal language that speaks to all of us, through all of us. By translating into other languages, together we can crowdsource the discovery of amazing music from brilliant musicians from around the globe!

By increasing the reach of to more people, we all benefit from increased exposure to people with unique tastes in music. In addition, more music lovers will attract your favorite DJs, producers and artists to host some incredible events on and debut exclusive tracks for you! Those talented musicians will in-turn attract more of their fans to, which can even further help translate it into their languages which will again improve the discovery experience, attract more top DJs, producers and artists... etc, etc, etc.

Why should I join the League of Translators?

By joining the pLoT, you will become a member of a tight-knit community of passionate music lovers. You will also be given access to a private translator’s portal, and will have the opportunity to be recognized for your contributions — both on the website and through special translator badges.

How do I join the League of Translators?

In order to become a member of The League, please fill out this application. We will ask you some basic questions about your background and about your interest in joining The League.

Upon submission of the form, you can expect to hear back from us within 5-7 days with instructions about how to join the private translator’s portal where you can interact with fellow pLoT members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What content does The League translate?

Currently we have two translation projects in the works:

  • The web application
  • The customer support portal

In the future we will have additional projects that you can contribute to.

How does the translation process work?

Through a streamline three-step process we work together to create the most accurate translations:

  1. All members of The League will have access to our translation portal where you can view the English source material and make suggested translations in your native language(s). Multiple translators can collaborate on translations for the same language by voting for each other’s translations (up-vote or down-vote) and even suggesting translations that may be more optimized for the site (i.e. make use of more common local terms or better optimizing translations for word length).
  2. The best translations (i.e. those that that the majority agree upon) will get approved by a language proofreader. If there are certain translations that need additional work they will get sent back down to the translation team for that language.
  3. Once a project has 100% proofread and approved it will be passed off to the development team for integration with the website.

Through the translators portal, members can also communicate directly with other translators, proofreaders, and admins to address any questions related to translations.

Is there a minimum time commitment required?

No. We appreciate all help whether it’s just translating 10 words or 1,000 words. However as you contribute more and more accurate translations that get approved, the sooner you can graduate to become a proofreader for a language yourself. Both translators and proofreaders that have a provide consistently accurate translations will be recognized for their work though bonuses. In short, the more you contribute to the translations the higher your level will be.

Are there any requirements for joining The League?

  1. You must have a strong understanding of the English language.
  2. In addition to English, you must have fluency in reading & writing in at least one other language.
  3. You must have a strong understanding of the website and Internet culture.
  4. We DO NOT accept machine translations (i.e. Google Translate). We only want native translations in a language's local dialect.

If you feel like you meet these requirements you can
apply to become a member of the League of Translators.