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“The launch of this service marked the start of what I personally hope will become a big trend in business: not ignoring the rest of the world. After using for most of today, it appears that has executed upon the potential perfectly.”
Trevor Gilbert,
“Spinning in front of a crowd of people, even if they’re virtual, has its own appeal. And if you’re going to tap into a feedback loop to get people to continue coming back to your service — and spending tons of time there — there are worse ways to do it than fostering a sense of community.”
Matthew Panzarino,
“There’s something special about playing music for a crowd, and while may be closing its doors, is still open and pumping out the tunes, with a vibrant community of listeners and DJs filling rooms packed with music to work to, talk about, rock out listening to, and save or download yourself.”
Alan Henry,
“ is really really amazing. Like an internet discotheque version of God was among us.”
Brad O'Mance,
“The YouTube music videos are positioned up on top of the room, sort of like the vids that you see on stage above the bands during rock concerts. This turns YouTube into radio—that is, into an audience based event. It’s kind of wonderful, I think.”
Matthew Lasar,
“One of the benefits of a site like is that music often speaks across cultural differences. This is especially true right now with both EDM and other forms of electronic music which to some degree dominate rooms.”
Clyde Smith,
“By building their product and providing users with the tools to build and manage their own communities, they’d created a scalable product without a need for heavy moderation or curation. From providing different levels of moderation (hosts, bouncers, “room” owners), they gave users a sense of ownership in contributing to the product.”
Tim Wut,

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